Frequently Asked Questions


  • What languages do you support?

    As at the time of writing, we translate to and from most European languages (including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch) and other major languages (including Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin/Cantonese, Korean and Russian). However, as our network of translators is expanding, do contact us if you have a specific language in mind.




  • What type of documents do you translate?

    In the interests of quality, we are selective and only translate the documents for which our technical, legal, cultural and linguistic skills are sufficient. A non-exhaustive list of the documents that we have previously translated appears in the listed pages under the "our services" tab in the tabs "business law translation", "translation in litigation and arbitration" and "other legal translations". Generally, we only handle legal documents and not requests from individuals (e.g. driving licence, identity papers, etc.).




  • Who are your clients?

    We largely cater to law firms, financial institutions, and the legal departments of large companies.



  • Why do you use lawyers and not specialist translators?

    Legal translation is first of all a legal endeavour. Translating a contract, assignment or any other type of legal document is an exercise of precision and conciseness. The translation of each word must be carefully considered and not only from a linguistic point of view since the meaning must in fact often also be transposed into the legal system associated with the target country. As a result of this, an accurate translation requires legal skills and knowledge of the two legal systems at stake.



  • What guarantees do you provide?

    The guarantee of complete satisfaction. We are committed to reviewing and correcting our translations until you are satisfied.



  • What methods do you use?

    Our methodology is simple and effective. Our translations are done by lawyers into their native language and subsequently reviewed by another similarly qualified and experienced colleague.


  • On what basis do you charge your services?

    Our services are charged based on the number of source words to be translated, and also on the type of document involved, the field of expertise required and the delivery deadline. This is why our quotes are issued to order, after receiving the relevant document.


  • What volume can you translate in one day?

    It mainly depends on the type of document, but we can generally handle approximately 2,400 words daily per translator for translation, and between 6 and 7,000 words daily per translator for review. Accordingly, a 10,000-word document will be delivered within 4 to 5 working days (i.e., 3 for translation and 1 for review). For urgent documents, we can ask a team of translators working in pairs to handle the project, but we prefer not to.


  • Do you charge for quotes?

    Our quotes are free of charge.


  • How soon can I expect to receive your quote?

    We usually issue quotes within an hour, after receiving the related translation request and document.