Legal Translator: Our Method

What process?

Our method has been developed to ensure the confidentiality of your documents and the accuracy of our translations while ensuring a speedy process at a reasonable cost with regard to the service rendered. We have taken into account the international quality standards in translation (e.g. EN 15038, etc.) in order to define a flexible and adaptable approach to each project, broadly following the steps below.


 Assessment of the specifics

For the best translator, editor and result, we analyse the specifics of each translation, taking into consideration:

- linguistic varieties: nuances between different varieties of a language can be significant (e.g. UK vs US English), so we look at which ones are involved

- legal area: segmented both by 'area' of the law, such as criminal or business law, and by sub-speciality, such as securities or project finance law within business law

- technical knowledge: industry concerned, whether aeronautics, pharmacology, tech, fashion and luxury goods, ...

- cultural knowledge: essential to translate elements like idioms, references and language registers

- anything else, including urgency



We send you a quote with profiles of lawyer-translators who fit the criteria.


 Anonymisation of documents

Before sending your documents to the lawyer-translator chosen, to the extent technically feasible, we anonymise the documents. All names, addresses, company registration number, etc., which allow identification of the parties, are removed.



The document is sent to the lawyer-translator(s).  Unless otherwise specified or technically impossible, our translations follow the format of the original document.


 Proofreading And Editing

All translations are proofread, edited and compared to the original versions of the documents. This includes a study of the compatibility of the target culture lexicon and legal terminology to that of the target country or legal system that has been specified.


 Reintegration Of Information

Once proofread and edited, we reinsert any information that was removed before translation.


 Delivery And Evaluation

We deliver on time.  Comments and feedback are always welcomed and appreciated by our translators.